Anxious patient care

Patient comfort is a priority at Cronulla Beach Dental and we take a special interest in the many people who experience anxiety when visiting the dentist. We achieve great results in reducing anxiety by using simple techniques and new technology that includes the following:

  • Communication: We listen to a patient’s concerns; we clearly communicate what we are doing and encourage our patients to provide feedback throughout the appointment.
  • Time: We allow plenty of time to help you. There are no rushed 10-minute appointments at Cronulla Beach Dental.
  • Less invasive treatment options: One of Cronulla Beach Dental’s central philosophies is conservative treatment – for example, we explore options that do not involve drilling when we find tooth decay.
  • The Wand: If we do have to put teeth to sleep for a while, this great piece of dental technology allows the process to be virtually pain-free.
  • We offer Sedation: We offer oral and IV sedation for longer, more complex appointments and for highly anxious patients.