The Sutherland Shire has a rich sporting culture, so it is natural that Cronulla Beach Dental would take a great interest in sporting mouthguards.

Any sport that has the potential for contact risks serious dental injury. At Cronulla Beach Dental we design, make and fit custom-made mouth guards that are critical to minimising or preventing dental injuries. Do not even think of using a boil and bite mouthguard from the chemist!

We offer 2 kinds of custom-fitted mouthguards:

  • Standard 5-6 mm thick laminated (two layers) pressure formed mouth guard. The standard is our most popular device being used for most contact sports including rugby league and union, AFL, soccer, hockey etc.
  • Standard Plus 5-6 mm thick laminated (two layers) pressure formed mouth guard with a hardened anterior section that offers even more impact protection to the front teeth.

Parents often ask about young kids’ mouthguards. We make them a bit thinner on the back teeth, so they can be comfortably worn in small mouths. As teeth positions in younger children are constantly changing, a new mouthguard will need to be made every 12-18months.

We can design and manufacture sporting mouthguards onsite and so can offer overnight mouthguards in an emergency – otherwise please allow a week for manufacture.