Teeth whitening can be a great way to rejuvenate your smile without spending a fortune. For most, it is a very comfortable procedure. It is best performed after a professional teeth-clean by the dentist.

We have 2 options to lighten your teeth.

  1. In office (or in-chair) whitening. $595
    Performed by the dentist, the advantage of this option is speed – it takes approximately 60 minutes to be completed. After protecting your lips and gums a 40% hydrogen peroxide gel is applied to the teeth in 15-minute cycles. This system does not require the use of light or heat, making it more comfortable for the patient.
  2. Strong take-home whitening kit. $345
    We make custom-fitted trays to exactly fit your teeth. We then instruct you on how to use the trays and the hydrogen peroxide gel to get a great result. It will need to be used for 15 minutes a day for 7-10 days.

The most often asked question is – Will my teeth be sensitive during the treatment? In 95% of cases the answer is no. For people who may be at risk, our tooth whitening gels contain soothers and conditioners, and have been developed in a way to reduce dehydration of the teeth. These all work in tandem to reduce sensitivity. We can also modify our treatment times to reduce any discomfort. For at-risk patients (and patients who have had an uncomfortable whitening procedure) we may recommend the take-home kit.

Our custom-fitted trays are made on-site and can be ready on the same day. If you catch the train why not have impressions taken on the way to work and pick up on the way home!