Wisdom teeth typically erupt (emerge through the gum) between the ages of 17-22. While most wisdom teeth erupt normally, many are impacted (incorrectly aligned) and subsequently cause issues such as inflammation and/or infection around these teeth.

Even in the absence of a noticeable infection, impacted wisdom teeth can prevent effective cleaning of the area and result in tooth decay.

At Cronulla Beach Dental we assess wisdom teeth as part of your regular check-up. Our new digital OPG equipment can clearly image all four wisdom teeth.

In the short term, if you are suffering from wisdom tooth pain – come in for an assessment and symptomatic relief. This usually involves giving the area a thorough rinse when it is numb and providing medication to get rid of the infection.

Long term we can discuss removing the troublesome wisdom tooth, with twilight sedation being an option to make the treatment more comfortable.